Monday, July 21, 2008

Gorge Games | Hood River, OR

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I spent all weekend photographing the Gorge Games in Hood River. The Gorge Games has been on a hiatus for 4 years so this was a huge come back. It was full of all kinds of extreme sports. There were so many going on and competitors from all over I couldn't photograph them all.

Each night the independent film company All Exits (who I photographed the events for) would film, edit and produce an awesome highlight video of the days events. It was projected up on a wall outside at Promotion Wetsuits. It was pretty incredible to be apart if it. It was non-stop work trying to put the highlight video together and we were working up to the last wire.

Next year will be even bigger and better.

There is a slideshow below, it just may take a minute to load.

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Aaron said...


Where's Domo? said...

Fabulous photography!

I'd like to invite you to participate in my blog. Hope to see you there!

David Dávila said...

These are tight photos - great work!

Paida said...

Love these. My 7 year old son loved them even more! He kept saying, "so cool!"