Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Featured Work | NRG Event and Weddings

It's always nice to have my work displayed on event coordinator's websites. It helps promote business for me and for them. Plus I am always quite flattered.

Featured work

Kim + Bryant | Pasadena, CA


Kim and Bryant exchanged vows in one of the most beautiful venues, the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena, California. It was a warm October day and everything was just right. The Ceremony along with the cocktail hour was in the courtyard which made for an amazing backdrop. Kim and Bryant have a such a strong bond. It seems like they can tackle together anything life throws their way. I was really honored to be apart of their day and hope to see them again soon.

Video montage below or view large here.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Aaron + Vilma | Engagement Session, San Francisco, CA.

aaronvilma 7


I had so much fun doing a little night engagement shoot with my twin brother and his fiance, Vilma. We basically kept shooting until we found a cool bar and then called it quits. It was great. Aaron and Vilma met in Portugal and have traveled all over. They're so perfect for each other and I am so happy for them. I look forward to photographing another shoot in the spring and their wedding on MY one year wedding anniversary, 6.12.09 -it's a twin thing.

aaronvilma 2

aaronvilma 12

aaronvilma 5

aaronvilma 10

aaronvilma 8

aaronvilma 9

aaronvilma 6

aaronvilma 3

aaronvilma 1

aaronvilma 14

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thomas | Senior Portrait

Ohh, that's so stitching!


Thomas is a great guy who is destined for great things. I had the pleasure of going around NW Portland to photograph his senior portraits. It was fun getting to know him. He is planning on going back east to go to college and study opera. Best of luck Tom. The photo above is a photomerge of 23 photos to give it super bokeh and awesome depth of field. The technique was invented by another photographer and I am trying to perfect it. This was my first one at the "bokeh panaorama."


final 10

final 34

final 29

final 1

final 28

final 25

final 8

final 30

final 9

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


bandg 13


You know it's going to be a great wedding when the Father of the Bride offers you a shot of whiskey and let me tell ya, it hit the spot. I spent most of the pre-wedding shots with the groom's party because I was working with Aubrie, who is a great photographer and fun to work with, who in turn got to spend her time with the bridal party. A trade off when you shoot with two photographers.
These guys kept me laughing the whole time, it was really cool getting to know them. Plus, Bryan is an identical twin, like myself. Twin power.
Kristin and Bryan exchanged their vows in a beautiful church filled with a ton of candles. The reception was at a hotel downtown where I witnessed their friend bust a move to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. A definite night to remember.

Watch the slideshow at the bottom or click here.

All photographs by Daniel Stark


bandg 17

bandg 8

gettingready 1

post 6

form 3

Good Idea...

gettingready2 10

bandg2 2

cermony 6

cermony 1

cermony 14

bandg2 5

cake 1

toast 6

toast 1

garter 1

form 5

post 7

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mylene + Kyung | Beaverton, OR

ceremonyformals 18


Mylene and Kyung had a great wedding and celebrated afterward with some amazing homemade Filipino cuisine! I have to say, one of the best things about being a wedding photojournalist is being able to document and experience a wide range of traditions and culture, all for one common purpose, love. They did a money dance where I swear they ended up with enough money for a down payment on a house. It was just a huge celebration and party with family from all over the world and I was happy to be apart of it.


ceremonyformals 10

gettingready 11

wedding 6

wedding 28

wedding 40

ceremonyformals 4

wedding 120

ceremonyformals 17

reception 13

wedding 104

toss 5

wedding 111

wedding 110

wedding 95