Friday, January 30, 2009

Janene + Mark-Engagement | Portland, Oregon

eshoot 8


I can tell that Janene and Mark are going to have an awesome wedding and I am really looking forward to it. These guys were up for anything. We went all over downtown on their engagement shoot and had a great time. See you guys in March!

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engagementshoot 8

Pay to Park

Stairway to Heaven

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Michael + Karly | Portland, Oregon

Sunshine is my quest.


This was a night of all smiles. Karly and Michael have got to be the most laid back fun loving couple. There wasn't a moment when they didn't have huge grins. Maybe it was because their dog was their Ring Barrer or when we had to run into a dive bar to fix Karly's dress while we were out doing a night shoot or the camaraderie between Michael and his groomsmen. They told me for his bachelor party they chained a 16 pound bowling ball around his ankle with a picture of Karly on it that he took with him everywhere that night.

For couples who want to see each other prior to the ceremony I set up a "first glance" where the bride will come up behind the groom and tap him on the shoulder and the reaction is priceless. While Michael was anticipating her arrival he stood there just taking in deep breaths with his eyes closed. It was such a great moment.

The very cool slideshow is at the bottom or view FULL SCREEN here.

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"may we have the rings, please..."

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year | 08' Year in Review

Cheers, to the New Year!


2008 was a GREAT year. I had the pleasure of photographing amazing weddings and meeting really great couples. Thank you for letting me photograph one of your biggest life events. It was such an honor and a pleasure.

This year will definitely go down in history. I had the opportunity to photograph our President-elect, Barack Obama and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Two amazing people.

Photographing the Gorge Games was an awesome, extreme adventure. Traveling all through Italy felt like a dream and getting married (where I was the second photographer) was one of the happiest days of my life. It also gave me a huge insight on how to strengthen my wedding photography.

I am excited for the coming year, meeting a lot more people and photographing some extraordinary events.

Thanks to everyone and all of your support. Here's to you!