Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jaylin + Wayne | Astoria, OR

formrecep 17


You can just feel the love when you're around Jaylin and Wayne. They have such a strong bond and two wonderful kids. Their wedding took place at the Red Building in Astoria. It had an incredible view of the bridge and the Columbia River. I met them over 4 months ago when I shot their engagement shoot and it's been a pleasure getting to know them. Thanks guys for such a great time!

Slideshow at the bottom or view it here.


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readyandceremony 4

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cermony 110

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Lucy said...

momBesure to hit the arrow and see the song & hear the music.

As always-you make me cry. I am crying a bit more today. You know why. Please keep Lizz and her children in your heart. I love you Daniel-you are the a remarkable photographer, man, husband, brother, son...., teacher, friend, son-in-law.
Mom-in-law xoxox

thelaughingtree said...

Daniel, you blow me away every time with your amazing photographs. You are such a talented artist. I just wish we could get married again so you could do our photos!

xoxo Em

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

I am crying too now! That was beautiful! Great songs too!

Your pictures just keeping getting better and better. I can't believe it!

Love Lindsay xoxo

Newlyweds said...

OK we are totally BLOWN AWAY!! Just saw the photos and slideshow for the first time and Jaylin is making fun of me on the phone to her mom now because I am Balling like a baby!!

You did an Amazing Job my friend!! Thanks so much for truly getting us...

Wayne and Jay

Anonymous said...

I love it! Amazing.

Aunt Lanita said...

What an awesome collection! The photos have so much personality, and really tell the story of the day--in addition to being creative and beautiful. Thanks for sharing them . . .

Aubrie said...

Great Job! It inspires me to go back to how I love shooting wedding photograph- all artsy and cool! I have this Aaronstadt Photography thing going on now and it's bringing me down. It should be fun to shoot this wedding with you- if anything we'll make a good team- i'll bring the boring, you bring the jazz! :)