Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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You know it's going to be a great wedding when the Father of the Bride offers you a shot of whiskey and let me tell ya, it hit the spot. I spent most of the pre-wedding shots with the groom's party because I was working with Aubrie, who is a great photographer and fun to work with, who in turn got to spend her time with the bridal party. A trade off when you shoot with two photographers.
These guys kept me laughing the whole time, it was really cool getting to know them. Plus, Bryan is an identical twin, like myself. Twin power.
Kristin and Bryan exchanged their vows in a beautiful church filled with a ton of candles. The reception was at a hotel downtown where I witnessed their friend bust a move to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. A definite night to remember.

Watch the slideshow at the bottom or click here.

All photographs by Daniel Stark


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Anonymous said...

As always Daniel-you take the most beautiful & special photograpghs. The bride & groom are very lucky they chose you!!

Lucy Parks

thelaughingtree said...

Big D,
Having seen some other, less-inspired wedding pics recently I can appreciate even more how special your work is. That first shot in the street is top drawer... the reflected glow on them, especially the dress, sweet! Shadowed foreground, luminous trees in the distance, even the traffic signal is green, good omen and nice touch. Way to wait for it...
Party on, Garth!

Aaron Stark said...

Daniel- you have the ability to capture the best of life. Fantastic!

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

I agree with Aaron, you capture the best moments and make them into beautiful photos that the couple will cherish. It's wonderful. You were meant to do this!