Friday, December 5, 2008

Aaron + Vilma | Engagement Session, San Francisco, CA.

aaronvilma 7


I had so much fun doing a little night engagement shoot with my twin brother and his fiance, Vilma. We basically kept shooting until we found a cool bar and then called it quits. It was great. Aaron and Vilma met in Portugal and have traveled all over. They're so perfect for each other and I am so happy for them. I look forward to photographing another shoot in the spring and their wedding on MY one year wedding anniversary, 6.12.09 -it's a twin thing.

aaronvilma 2

aaronvilma 12

aaronvilma 5

aaronvilma 10

aaronvilma 8

aaronvilma 9

aaronvilma 6

aaronvilma 3

aaronvilma 1

aaronvilma 14


Lucy said...

Oh my gosh. They are so beautiful together. What great photo's. I LOVE the 2nd one-it should be in a magazine!

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

I love the first one and the last one. The looks and feelings of LOVE! Captured in your pictures.
And yes, they should be in magazines.

Aaron Stark said...

My Fiance is gorgeous!
Thanks for the beautiful pictures, brother!

amy said...

Aaron & Vilma: Thank you for sharing your abosolutely GORGEOUS photos. You and Vilma make an extremely handsome couple. Nice photo work by your bro! Congrats!

Ms. Dobay

berger luckmann said...

amazing pictures! thought the one in front of the revolving door was funny - what with Aaron's phobia!! :) I love the color ones on that one street corner. So vibrant!

Wendy Arce said...

Berger Luckmann!! I can't get away from these pesky sociologists. Its actually Wendy writing...

Vilma said...

Thanks for the truly wonderful pictures, Daniel!!! It's so great to get to take pics while strolling around the city and hanging out with family. :) Looking forward to meeting up again soon!!! Love - Vilma