Sunday, July 19, 2009

Josh + Jessica | Camp Melacoma, WA

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Here are just a few of the shots and a slideshow from Josh and Jessica's wedding. The wedding and reception took place in the woods, a place where they are completely happy and it made for an amazing backdrop.

Let me tell you, there was no shortage of pocket knives.

Josh and Jessica have such a great sense of humor and understanding of one another. Every time I clicked the shutter, they we're either laughing or smiling.

One of my favorite parts of the night is when Josh put together a last minute band and serenaded Jessica. Her facial expressions are absolutely priceless.

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Aubrie LeGault said...

I saw a photo that led me to think you lied on the ground... hopefully not looking like a beached whale. I LOVE the end of the ceremony shot with the lady popping her streamer thing.

Amy said...

My favorite is definitely the photo of the two gentlemen doing some "tailoring" with their pocketknives! Priceless!