Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carolyn + Josh | Portland, OR

ceremony 163


Carolyn and Josh had a beautiful, organic, homegrown wedding with lots of family and close friends. Josh, who has the heart of a lion and incredible carpentry skills, built the gazebo that they got married in by hand. It is truly an amazing work of art.
Carolyn works at my favorite restaurant, Serratto, along with their officiant, Kurt, where I am used to seeing him tending bar.
I didn't realize until the day of the wedding that Carolyn was actually pregnant. It made for some really cute photos and she is going to make a fantastic mom.
Kurt did a great job officiating. He puts his heart and soul in everything he does, whether it be pouring a martini or ordaining a wedding.
They had a potluck style dinner and I had the best tamales in my life! (Gracias Alejandro y su familia)

I wish you guys all the best.

There is a slideshow at the bottom of the photos or view here.

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Anonymous said...

I always feel like I know the people, like they are a friend.

Love it!

Amy said...

Your photographs are so intimate, yet unobtrusive. You capture real people in real moments.

Simply beautiful.


Anonymous said...

These are the most beautiful shots I've ever seen. They look like they're right out of a magazine!