Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kristine + Matt | Kennewick, WA

Don't let the sun go down on me.


Kristine and Matt got married at the same exact church Kristine's parents did. I met Kristine over two years ago when I was working at Radiology clinic. She is one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet. Matt is funny as all get out. He has a degree in Animation and I can see why. He has a creative mind and great sense of humor. Their little son Collin --not even old enough to walk-- really knows how to party! Everyone had such an amazing time.

Slideshow is at the bottom after the pictures. Press play and give it sometime to load or view it here.


receptionmix 49

receptionmix 53

receptionmix 32

getttingreadandceremony 13

getttingreadandceremony 27

receptionmix 59

receptionmix 79

receptionmix 80

receptionmix 125

getttingreadandceremony 101

receptionmix 171

receptionmix 185

getttingreadandceremony 118

reception 31

reception 34

receptiontoast 39

reception 26

Moment of Reflection

reception 28

reception 2

reception 20

reception 2 (1)



Lucy said...

Okay-I just figured out one of the many reasons your photo's are soooo amazing-it is because-they capture the moment, the feelings, the love, the joy-and even when you do not know the people-they make me cry. That says so much about how well you capture it all.

Love you and your work!


Anonymous said...

I love your photos Daniel! You have such an artistic ability it's outstanding. I feel so much emotion whenever I see any of your work. You're amazing!

Love, Jen Bjork

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Again: beautiful, romantic, intimate, creative, stunning, PERFECT! Every bride and groom should be so lucky to have you.

Claudia Kuhn said...

Terrific work Daniel, you really captured the emotions of the day. Wonderful lighting, use of selective focus and perspective. You're a fast worker.

Anonymous said...

Your work is in another world for me--amazing comes close as some heart tears are coming out my eyes. I've been Matt's neighbor since he was about 2 years old and look at him now--wow!

Thank you for sharing your talent with me and so many others.


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel! The pics are absolutely amazing!! awesome angles and perspectives, you completely surpassed our expectations... thanks again for all the energy you put into these!


leanne mewes said...

Absolutely beautiful. you are amazing. Thank you for capturing every precious moment of my sister's most important day.
Leanne Mewes

liberaltreehugger said...

hey Dan,
Nice photo's but you wern't in a single one!
What gives? Kristen should get a discount since you faled to include yourself in her wedding pictures.
Really though, you are a talented photog!

Donna said...

Absolutely beautiful, made me cry =')