Monday, January 26, 2009

Michael + Karly | Portland, Oregon

Sunshine is my quest.


This was a night of all smiles. Karly and Michael have got to be the most laid back fun loving couple. There wasn't a moment when they didn't have huge grins. Maybe it was because their dog was their Ring Barrer or when we had to run into a dive bar to fix Karly's dress while we were out doing a night shoot or the camaraderie between Michael and his groomsmen. They told me for his bachelor party they chained a 16 pound bowling ball around his ankle with a picture of Karly on it that he took with him everywhere that night.

For couples who want to see each other prior to the ceremony I set up a "first glance" where the bride will come up behind the groom and tap him on the shoulder and the reaction is priceless. While Michael was anticipating her arrival he stood there just taking in deep breaths with his eyes closed. It was such a great moment.

The very cool slideshow is at the bottom or view FULL SCREEN here.

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"may we have the rings, please..."

gettingready 9

gettingready 21

gettingready 24

gettingready 56

gettingready 89

gettingready 72

group and ceremony 22

firstglance 19

ceremony85mm 9

group and ceremony 28

group and ceremony 40

group and ceremony 55

night 21


Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

All I can say is wow. wow! I love the one of her adjusting her shoe strap. Gorgeous.

Aaron Stark said...

What touching photos. The whole time watching the slide show I say "oh that one is my favorite" then the next one comes up and I end up saying the same thing. Your use of lighting, patterns and background was superb.


Maria V said...

Oh, these are spectacular! There is so much energy and life in these photos.

Crash Taylor said...

Awesome images! You captured the moments perfectly. Keep up the good work Daniel. Your friend, Crash

Anonymous said...

All of these are beautiful, but my absolute favorite is the top one with the kiss. It's just magical!

Aubrie LeGault said...

In your own words...that was a "sweet" wedding. Very nice job. I agree with your wife the one of her adjusting her shoe is awesome and you had a lot of great moments. Nothing but smiles was a great way to summarize it.

Roy Beauchamp said...

I'm definitely going to have to have another wedding, Daniel, just so I can have an album like this one! You set the bar really high. Amazing, perfect shots that those newlyweds will have forever.

Chris Barringer said...


I was the best man for this wedding. These shots are stunning. My face is literally sore from smiling so much recounting this day. It was such an amazing experience and you've chronicled it exceptionally. Thank you so much.

Lucy said...

I ma be your biggest fan. Love your work!!

Lucy P.

Jackie said...

Wow, what beautiful photos. I loved the slideshow. The whole day was magical and you captured the magic in every enchanting photo. Great job!

Michael & Karly said...

Daniel, this was an incredible night for Karly and I, nothing could thwart how much fun and magic was in the air that night and you captured every moment and then some. Kudos to your work, you are an amazing photographer and we can't thank you enough. We look forward to seeing new pictures on your website as they develope.

Michael & Karly