Thursday, June 25, 2009

John + Dana | Westmount Country Club, NJ

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John and Dana really know how to throw a party. Thanks to the help of Christina Burr, who has to be the best wedding coordinator in New York City.
Lindsay and I traveled from Portland to New York over Memorial Day weekend to photograph this incredible wedding. The day started with a message in a bottle from Dana to John that had even the groomsmen tearing up. During the reception, we had so much to cover. From a rocking synergy band and the amazing cuisine to a cigar roller and a hot dog stand, it was awesome.

Cheers to Dana and John...and to your 22 person wedding party! Hope to see you again soon in NY.

Make sure to watch the slideshow at the bottom or view it large here.


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Chris said...

These are great! Awesome! What a talent!

Thomas said...

Daniel, you couldn't of captured that wedding any better. You are the Lebron James of photography!

Lucy said...

Fabulous! You capture their hearts like no one can! I love the photo's!!!

Lucy Parks

Aubrie LeGault said...

Kick ass- of course. Props to Lindsay too. :)

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. You have a true gift to share with the world and all those who are in love.

Hussey Photography said...

Dude these pix are flippin' awesome!
I LOVE the rich colors!!!
Your work is amazing! I'm sure they LOVE their photos!!

keep rockin'!


kathy said...

I love these photos because you really feel the emotions! I like the mix of color photos and black and white photos. Wonderful!

Kathy Punzalan

Sayyed Nasir ,from Cigar Roller said...

I like your love........