Friday, June 5, 2009

Rose | Senior Portraits

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It's always so much fun to take senior portraits--they're always so in to it. Half way through the shoot her dress zipper broke so we were all running around trying to find a safety pin. We did. Her parents and her sister were such a big help! Especially her dad, stopping traffic and holding my light.

Best of luck at PSU, Rose!

Thanks for icecream!


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Aaron Stark said...

Dude! Those rock! She will definitely be the coolest senior with photos like those.

Aubrie LeGault said...

Nice. Did you throw a flash down underneath her? Pocket wizards?? I had someone ask me if I wanted to do Sr. Portraits- I hope they are cool...with being cool, if you know what I mean. lol.

Susan said...

Those are sick! Wish I could have had as cool of photos for my senior portraits! You rock even more!

amy said...

DOOOD so rad!