Sunday, August 30, 2009

Julia + John | Crystal Ballroom, Portland OR

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When I first showed up to John's hotel, where the guys were getting ready, I walked in and started talking with him and the rest of the groomsmen. It wasn't until I pulled out my camera when one of the groomsmen said, "Oh, you're the photographer?--I thought you were just a well dressed groomsmen." I'm always happy to blend right in! And after that, they brought me to the bar and bought me a beer. I knew it was going to be a good night.

I have a ton of respect for Julia and John, they are both school teachers. They're the kind of teachers you wish you had when you were in school. And they definitely have a deep connection with one another.

John brought around a Super 8 camera that made for some fun shots and I am excited to see the footage he got. While the girls were getting ready, Julia kept talking about how her stomach was making all this noise so everyone bent to listen and then burst out in laughter--it was really funny! I also loved how the guys, on a hot August day, managed to find the only cool spot in the ballroom which was a huge refrigerator full of beer kegs. Check out those shots in the slideshow.

Oh and if any guests were able to snag a pic of one of the groomsmen deciding to grind with me on the dance floor during the reception, I would love to use it for my bio shot on my website! :)

Make sure to watch their super cool slideshow HERE or at the bottom of the photos.


Portland Oregon Wedding Photography Daniel Stark


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Eric Foley said...

Great images! I especially like the first one and all the B&W's

Aubrie LeGault said...

I love the brick wall shot- wide angle. It's awesome! Very nice job on the wedding!