Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mikey + Melissa | LDS Temple, OR and The Marshall House, WA

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Lindsay's photo above:


Even though I wasn't allowed in the temple to photograph the ceremony, we made up for it during some formal shots with them. It was the first time a bride actually brought props for the formal pictures. It was awesome! Melissa brought along with her these old suitcases that gave a whole different feel to their photos. It was like photographing a couple back in the 50's and her husband was about to leave on a business trip.

It turns out Melissa and Mikey are somewhat of antique collectors. They had an old typewriter at their reception for guests to type words of wisdom and the tables were decorated with great black and white photos of their parent's wedding. Even the boys were in newsboy hats.

Oh and this was the first time I actually saw the person who caught the bouquet and then throw it someone else! LOL! Classic.

Thanks guys for such a fun night. Lindsay and I were so happy to be a part of it.

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Portland Oregon Wedding Photography Daniel Stark


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Lindsay's photo:

portland oregon wedding photography

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Lindsay's photo:

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Moment of Reflection

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melissa said...

These are so beautiful Daniel. We are so happy with all of the photos. Thanks again for working so well with us.

About Aubrie: said...

Nice work lil D. You had some fun moments and great kid shots. I love the ring photo- it's different. And the reflection shot is so crisp and has great color. I like the reception shot with the light reflection and the couple hugging too.

Aaron said...

Creative work. That typewriter shot is awesome!

Dad and Margo said...

Daniel - Lindsay is right - you do rock. You have a great eye for detail and candor - salud!