Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Crazy Family | San Francisco, CA



"Tutto sona pazzi!" - a rough translation of "we're all crazy!" in Italian. I am not even sure if that is written correctly but that's how it sounds when we frequently toast to that especially after a couple of drinks.

I look forward to these gatherings every year and never take them for granted. I feel totally lucky to be a part of Lindsay's family, I love them all so much. It's a family where you can be rolling on the floor laughing and the next minute crying and everyone hugging eachother. It's really amazing.

The week was filled with turkey, a crazy soccer game that I am still recovering from, wine tasting, friends, family and loud singing (view the video below for the full experience).

I did squeeze in some work too. I photographed a beautiful wedding in the city (more to come with that soon) and did some head shots for an author.

Here are just a few shots from our trip. Check back soon for more!

Portland Oregon, San Francisco, California Wedding Photographer Daniel Stark


Us singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Our soccer team - Jeff and I totally kicked some ass! We're making this a tradition.


Jeff is an incredible painter and it's always a pleasure to go to his studio and see his latest work. It totally leaves me speechless. Check out his work at www.jeffreybeauchamp.com


Uncle Roy trying to be Ansel Adams


Lindsay's brother Tore found his perfect match, Hillary. She has an infectious laugh.


Emma, Linds and Sven pulling out the bird


A miniature Mozart


My best bud, Kit


I am drunk Jesse


The stunning Linds and Kushi


That's the way we like--the ladies in the kitchen :) Just kidding (Karma)


Taking 5 from cooking we need a hug!


I love this house


Wine tasting in Sonoma at Nicholson Ranch where we got married







Good night.



Lucy said...

Loved the photo's, thank you soooooooooooo much! But can we have the big family photo-with you in it-as the main one? That is a great photo of all of us.

We are crazy, annoying...ha ha... and the best!

Love you all Lucy! xoxoxoxoxo

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Wow, is that really my soccer game face?
Awesome photos!!! I've already looked at this 5 times.
What a great week!
Love to everyone and Lucy's huge ass champagne bottle!


Amy I. said...

We DO have fun!!! Love them all. The one of Jeff in front of the canvas...wow! xox Amy

Anonymous said...

Oh my is all I can about my singing voice--take that video off! :)

What a great family! Love you Danikins.


Janna said...

These are fantastic pics! Your family is wonderful (well, the ones I've met are wonderful and the rest seem to be based on these photos:)! Happy Holidays!

kathy said...

Oh, how I miss everyone! What great photos and video! We need to get the East Coast family into this fun!

Lots of love to all,


thelaughingtree said...

Beautiful work, and this is when you're supposed to be off duty! You make our lives look so together and fun, thanks a lot for posting this set, Daniel. We loved having you guys over and think it has to be a tradition now. Great holiday, too quick. Love you,