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2009 was definitely hard for a lot of people; with the recession, an all time low with unemployment and an ongoing war. For me, I noticed that weddings didn't really slow down. They may have not as been as elaborate or grandeur but that's really not the point. I think in this year of struggle, weddings brought people together and really showed how money does not buy you happiness or love. And I was fortunate enough to capture those moments.

In 2009, I traveled all over shooting weddings on both coasts. I met a ton of great people and built a ton of great relationships. For that, I am very thankful.

I was also fortunate enough to photograph two very important fundraisers. One being a fundraiser to help find a cure for type two diabetes and the other was helping students who had incredibly challenging upbringings get full ride scholarships to college.

Some of the most fun I had this year was teaching 4th and 5th graders about photography. I plan on teaching more classes in the next year to kids and adults.

Here's to 2010. I hope it brings more peace to the world and prosperity to people everywhere.

My theme for my 2010 resolutions: Maintain. Create. Discover.

Photo resolutions:

I am taking on a project called 52 Weeks of Photography. This will involve a different themed photo assignment and I will post it on my blog every Thursday. I really want to challenge myself to be even more creative and skillful with my camera.

I would like to shoot over 30 weddings this year.

Come up with a wedding package where all proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.


Not let little things get to me. I say this every year but I need reminding and practice.

Stay present.

Continue my running and run even more--goal to run EVERY single day or meet a 35 mile per week goal.

Keep on top of my finances.

TRAVEL. Even though it is very expensive I feel like we are all explorers and it allows us to grow, understand and discover.

Above is a slideshow of some my weddings and engagements over the past year. I really want to thank all my awesome clients who have helped me have such a great year! It was an honor to be a part of your day and I am grateful for your business.

Happy New Year!

You can also view the slideshow full screen here.


Wedding Portrait and Event Photographer Daniel Stark



Anonymous said...

STUNNING images. An inspiration. Can't wait to see what you bring next year.

Cathi said...


Aubrie said...

Sweetness. You had an awesome year lil D. Can't wait to see the crazy stuff you come up with this year. Happy 2010!

PS. Kristen & Brian's wedding, ya that was 2008. But hey, who is really keeping track. lol

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Your photos are gorgeous! We still just can't thank you enough for capturing our day so beautifully!

Happy New Year!

Nick & Ali