Monday, April 20, 2009

Boaz Frankel | Un Road Trip, Portland Or

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I recently read about Boaz and his upcoming adventure in the Oregonian. I envy guys like him--always seeking the thrill of adventure and seizing the moment--while trying to convey a great message.

Boaz left yesterday on a 10 week journey where he'll be criss-crossing through the United States. He'll be using every mode of transportation except for a car. As I write this, he's making his way through Northern California by way of Amtrak. We're not just talking trains and boats here but everything from segways to horseback to hang gliders.

I was there to photograph the start of his journey, where Boaz and the Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, rode off on a tandem bike. It was quite a sight.

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Portland Oregon Wedding and Event Photographer Daniel Stark


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Aaron Stark said...

Great shots! That would be awesome if you were traveling alongside him to capture the adventure. Good job! Best of luck to Boaz!

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Really great work!!! I like the button shot. nice!

Lucy said...

You are such a great photographer. I shall follow his tour! And your success of course...


Roy said...

Hey Daniel––more great shots! Your photojournalism is truly impressive. Also it makes me want to get another motorcycle and hit the road...

thelaughingtree said...

Daniel, you are so damn good! How many photographers would give their lenscaps to have your vision and unwavering humanity on board?! I checked and it's 65,443. Seriously, I googled it. 65,444 if you count the French. Which is what I thought your headline was in at first...I get it now, though. Nice work, ace!

chris said...

Fabulous work! Keep it up!

Steve said...

Great job, Daniel! Nice work.