Saturday, April 4, 2009

Janene + Mark | Thirst Wine Bar, Portland, OR.

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Janene and Mark's wedding had to be one of the coolest weddings I've ever photographed. It was a small intimate setting at a wine bar right on the waterfront. Part of their vows consisted of the top ten things they loved about each other. One of them being Janene's mad spelling skills in scrabble (their Officiant gave them a wedding scrabble set) and Mark's love for Hugh Grant. I am totally with Mark on that one!

They didn't have a DJ, just an incredible mandolin player. It was one big celebration of fun, laughter and love. Thanks guys! I wish you two the best!

Make sure to watch their awesome slideshow at the bottom or view it here.


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Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Amazing Daniel! Every time I watch one of your slideshows, I am nearly in tears. I feel like I am at the wedding and feeling the love between the couple. Beautiful images!

Aubrie LeGault said...

You do such a nice job of capturing the essence and emotion that goes on during a wedding- of course this wedding is beautiful too. Great job.

Aaron Stark said...
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Aaron Stark said...

You are the master of secret images. With your talent you are able to capture the intangible. Excellent work Daniel-son!

Vilma said...

These are great pics daniel! I really love the song you picked for the slideshow too - blends in with the photos really well. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Your photos always make me want to get married again. You capture the joy and love that people feel on such a very special embarkment of their lives.

Lucy said...

I would hire you in a New York minute!!

You are a fabulous photgrapher!

Lucy Parks

David Dávila said...

I can see why are you being hired so much lately. You are becoming a master of light and composition, and developing a special sensitivity. Your photographic path is turning out to be that of a good photojournalist, and these skills are invaluable when documenting real life events. Great work!

Leigh Taylor said...

What a great wedding..great job on the details ;)