Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tulips | Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Woodburn OR


If you haven't gone out here it is definitely worth a trek. Acres of tulips--it's quite a sight!

It's so photogenic- so much so it's hard to get a shot that hasn't been done before.

I managed to do that by using a bokeh panorama technique created by Ryan Brenizer. The idea is to have a selective focus with some serious depth of field giving it a 3D look and alot of bokeh. To achieve it you have to have a long lens with a low fstop and take a crazy amount of photos of the scene. It' kinda of complicated and I am not sure how to word it but this is the outcome.



One of the 85 images of it


Pick me!

One if the 50 images of it


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