Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bravo 2010 Wedding Guide | My Ad

2010 Bravo Wedding Guide Ad


I just got a copy of the 2010 Bravo Wedding Guide where I have an ad in there. The Bravo Guide is "the" wedding guide for Oregon and Washington. I rarely ever advertise but this is the place to do it if you are. Anyone can pick up a copy (for free) at pretty much any shop/place wedding related.

As a bonus they used a couple of my photos throughout the book! I was really happy to see that!

Above is my ad and below are some shots I took of my photos in the book.

Go pick one up!

I will also use this post to as my "wedding photo of the day." Head over to Oregon Bride and vote for me! I am working on getting some stickers for those of you who voted :)



Wedding Portrait and Event Photographer Daniel Stark


bravo wedding guide-01

bravo wedding guide-02

bravo wedding guide-03

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Ben and Alice said...

Best wedding photographer around! This is great!