Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oregon Bride Best of 2010 | How to Vote

Some people were a little confused on how to vote for me for Portland's Best Wedding Photographer of 2010 in Oregon Bride.

Here's how:

Go Here to VOTE

This form kind of looks confusing so here it is laid out: Your Personal Info should go here on the form:


Who you vote for needs to go here on the form (below) and you have to vote for a total of 6 vendors:

Here are my recommendations:
  • Wedding Photographer: Daniel Stark Photography
  • Dress Shop: Magnifique Boutique
  • Live Band/Entertainment for Reception: Rio Con Brio
  • Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant: Serratto
  • Videographer: All Exits
  • Musicians for Ceremony: Tim Connell


Thanks everyone for voting for me!

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