Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chef Michael | Portland, OR

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For many artists their outlets may include: painting, drawing, singing, photography, etc. For Michael, it's cooking. And with every meal he creates, it's as if he is writing poetry. Michael is a high school teacher and moonlights as a chef in his own beautiful remodeled kitchen that he customized himself.

I love to take photographs of artists at work. They are so focused and become one with their art. I have noticed this about myself too.

So when Michael and his fiance Brooke invited my wife and I over for dinner, I took the opportunity to photography him in his element. It was amazing and we had so much fun!

Thanks guys for all the exquisite dinners and fun times! Looking forward to photographing your wedding!

Portland Oregon Wedding and Event Photography Daniel Stark.


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Aaron Stark said...

Those are awesome!

Mrs. Lindsay Stark said...

Totally cool~ You should do more restaurant work!