Saturday, March 14, 2009

Swing into Spring | Portland, Oregon

Daniel Stark Photography


Friendly House Community Center lies in the heart of NW Portland and it's a place that welcomes everyone from the neighborhood and creates opportunities for people to get involved with their community. It truly is an incredible place.

It was a fun and energetic circus themed fundraiser that consisted of a silent and live auction where Shirley Gillham was the Auctioneer. All proceeds benefited Friendly House's programs serving children, homeless families, neighborhood residents and elders. They raised over 100,000 dollars and had donors making jaw dropping donations from 100 to 10,000 dollars!

They had a beautiful Jazz singer/bass player, Katie Davis, who had a tremendous voice. Her good friend, Griffin Gaffney, helped raise money to start a class at Friendly House that teaches elementary kids how to play the violin.

With Food In Bloom doing the catering, it made for a fun and tasty night!

There are so many people and businesses to be thanked for this evening. To learn more check out the Friendly House website.

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Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography


thelaughingtree said...

Beautiful work, as always. I'm looking forward to our North Africa project, Dr Mifune thinks you're the best he's seen. Let me know when you're down here again so I can get your input on gear.
You rock!
Jeffrey Beauchamp

Roy said...

The greatest auction in the world? Gotta have the greatest photographer in the world, of course.

Daniel, my direct marketing agency always loves your work––fast and fabulous. And my wife loved your head shots––she's gotten a lot of leads with them. Plus, the picture you took of my quarter-horse Jackson kicks butt!

Keep up the good work, Daniel.


Aaron said...

Phenomenal job!

It is your wonderful photography that helped me and my Bride to be win a contest for best engagement story. Your pictures really are worth a thousand words. You're the best!

Lucy said...

I've used your photgraphy for my real estate business, as well as for my vacation rental web site. It has contributed so much to the success of both!

Your photography is very professional,captures whatever you are taking photo's of so very well. happy to refer you to anyone, any time!

L. Parks

Crash said...

Awesome images Daniel. Keep up the good work buddy.

Martha said...

I can't wait to see more. These photos are stunning! I'm so thrilled to be working with such a talent -- your photos are going to capture the heart and vitality of Friendly House when the new website is launched late May. Stay tuned everyone.
You're a star,

Amy said...

I am in awe every time I look at your photos. You have such a gift for capturing unique and personal moments. Normally photos don't do justice to an incredible event such as the FH auction; however, yours capture the magic of the evening beautifully.

Anonymous said...

So colorful! And I love the silo'd ones. Creative, masterful and playful. Great work.