Monday, March 30, 2009

Aaron + Vilma | Engagement Session, San Francisco, CA.

Daniel Stark Photography


I did an engagement shoot earlier this year with Aaron and Vilma but it got cut a little short. So we hooked up last week to canvas the city and take some photos. It was so fun! We cruised all over until the sun went down and than we had a nice pint of beer and burger to top off the wonderful evening.


Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Bay Bokeh

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

I'm gonna stay stay high and lie low, San Francisco.

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

Daniel Stark Photography

As the San Francisco Sun Slowly Sets...


Aaron Stark said...

Those are amazing! Those photos really capture our love- thanks for making the memories. You're the best.

Aaron Stark said...

My Wife-To-Be is HOT!

Crash Taylor said...

These are awesome. I'm so jealous of that location, would love to do an engagement shoot there one day. Great work dude. We will definitely grab a beer and burger when the Taylor family is in SF.

Keep up the great work.


Vilma said...

These pics are very moving!! Thrilled with them all. My Husband-to-be is HOT and very very SWEET!! :)

Vilma said...

We'll have to distribute widely so more couples in the bay area hire you as their wedding/engagement photographer! :)

Jenny said...

Vilma and Aaron,
You guys look great! The photographs really do you justice!

Lucy said...

Oh my gosh. Incredible photo's and what a gorgeous couple.

Love you-cannot wait for the big day!

Janna said...

SO beautiful. My favorite is the second one from the bottom, where you can see her little blue barrette. These turned out amazing; beautiful couple!

Karma said...

Lovely! Can't wait to witness their very special day.


wbyrdie said...

As always, Daniel Stark photography is awesome! My boss and coworker loved the photographs. It's hard to pick a favorite because they are all so good. All the bridge ones are majestic, and the one with the transamerica building looks like a professional ad for something - what are you selling? I want to buy it!! :) Another fave is the off colored one on the wall. and of course, the sunset one!! Told you I couldn't pick a favorite!

Aubrie LeGault said...

I am sure your brother loves these! Great job!

Uncle Roy said... jackets and the wind in your hair. You guys look so hot. But sweet, too! I guess that's love.

Big kisses from the Mill Valley gang.


Anonymous said...

Vilma and Aaron,
We are so very happy for you both. What fabulous pics - really enjoyed them. Best wishes, Jan and Randy Hudson

veronica said...

I absolute love the pictures!!! they are so beautiful ! you guys are such an awsome and fabulos couple can't wait to see you all again!!.... love Veronica

Dino & Rukeitha said...

Wow, what stunning photos! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Athena said...

Those are amazing shots! I'm so happy for you. Congrats!

Freddy said...

Love the pics!!! you too look great!!! a perfect couple!!! ;)

Dorothy said...

Just got a chance to check the photos. So beautiful and lyrical! Vilma is stunningly beautiful and Aaron is definitely hot and sweet. Can't wait to see you both in June! Love, Dorothy.